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After seeing a 10 percent rise in production of organic cotton last year, 2015/16 saw a slight downturn of 3.8 percent. However, production looks set to increase again in 2017/18 when a number of in-conversion programs in India reaching certification. In total there are currently 3 countries growing organic cotton in our supply chain. 



                   Mecilla Manufacturing 2017


                  18                                3                                 2% 

                  Mecilla facilities                             Mecilla certified                                   OCS & GOTS                                                                                             countries                                      facilities growth                                                                                                                                                     2015-16 


We are also seeing an increase of organic cotton through manufacturing. More factories are complying to organic standards than ever before.

 Mecilla Brands 2017


      56%               35%                   42%                  Up 12%             stable

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