Mecilla Travel for Sustainability

Mecilla Travel is set up to promote the education of sustainability. So far, we have partnered with VTC, PolyU and various other educational institutes to design, develop and operate study programs, taking urban dwellers such as students, teachers, food and fashion brand buyers into rural areas and supply chain facilities. to be exposed to the sustainable food and apparel making process. The mission of creating sustainable educational programmes through collaborations with education institutions, NGOs and community organizations enable Mecilla to transfer its knowledge from business practices to the wider community, and in doing so, create positive social impact.

    We have taken students on study tours in Guangzhou, Xian and Shanxi in China, Tokyo, Fukuoka, Nagoya in Japan, Sydney and Melbourne in Australia. The focus of the tours have been:

    • real experience working on organic farm
    • conversation with local farmers and residents
    • university visit and cultural exchange with local students 
    • visits to sustainable yarn and textile processing facilities
    • visits to leading organizations in Sustainable Fashion Design, Aviation and Automobile
    • Exchange through Sports such as Football, Basketball or in-class discussion
    We welcome inquiries and collaboration for custom tours to any place, any industry with a connection to sustainability and meaningful cultural exchange. Please contact 

      Study Tours In Guangzhou, Xian and Shanxi

          Study Tour In Japan (Tokyo, Fukuoka)

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