Q: How do I know if it’s organic?
A: Brands and retailers marketing products as organic should be willing and able to provide proof of any product claims. Standards, verified by an independent third-party, are often the best way to provide that proof. There are a number of standards to support a number of claims. The Organic Content Standard (OCS) can be used to support organic content claims, and the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is the most widely used standard to support comprehensive organic product claims from farm to finished garment.
Q: Where is organic cotton grown?
A: Figures for 2014/15 reveal that over 92.16% of global organic cotton production stems from just five countries. India is by far the largest producer, accounting for 66.90% of global production. China is second largest global producer, accounting for 11.69% of production, followed by Turkey at 6.49%, Kyrgyzstan at 4.93% and the USA at 2.16%.
The remaining 7.84% is produced by Egypt (1.91%), Tanzania (1.91%), Burkina Faso (0.95%), Tajikistan (0.89%), Uganda (0.71%), Peru (0.49%), Mali (0.47%), Benin (0.34%), Ethiopia (0.13%), Brazil (0.02%), Israel (0.01%),  Senegal (0.01%), Madagascar (0.004%), Columbia (0.001%).