Silk Screen Printing


Hitprint offers one of the lowest cost silk screen printing services in Asia. Quality is not compromised however. 

Why choose Screen Printing

  • Highly durable
  • Great economy of scale – the more you print the cheaper the price
  • Pantone matching
  • No minimum order
  • Perfect for large quantity T-shirt runs, workwear, promotional clothing, bands, festivals, events, fashion....

Pricing / 價格


11-20pcs 21-30pcs 31-50pcs 51-100pcs 100+pcs

First Color

(Graphic A4 size)



HK$20 HK$15  HK$12 HK$8 Negotiable 

Any additional Color, each color 

(Graphic A4 size)

第2個顏色, 每個顏色

HK$19 HK$14  HK$11 HK$7 Negotiable

* Frame set up costs


 A3- HK$300/Col

Screen Printing takes multiple stages

  • Process your artworks, logos or designs in the correct format - vector artwork required
  • Create your screens
  • Mix the inks to specific Pantone colours or best match
  • Set up the machines with your screens ready for printing
  • Application process of applying the inks to the T-shirts and clothing
  • Drying process to cure the ink for long term quality and durability


Screen Printing attention area

Screen Printing requires production of printing screens. The screens cannot be modified after the production and hence provides no flexibility to modify the print graphic and size.

In addition, the size of an English word typically requires a minimum height of 0.3cm and Chinese word 0.5cm.

Screen Printing is not suitable for transitional effects and Digital Printing is typically recommended for such type of effects.

Each colour in the graphic requires production of a separate screen. Thus the more colourful the graphic, the more screens will be required and increasing the overall pricing.



Pricing for Water Slurry and Powdered Slurry



The following printing and decorative effect requires quotation: