Quality Control

In addition to our own quality control in house team, we also have a dedicated list of external Q&A experts and businesses we engage. Having independently accredited and external internationally recognised inspection services, to review product quality keeps our quality standards at their very highest.


We understand that the quality of the product on your shop floor is a cornerstone of your business and our relationship. Our continuous investment in quality control procedures guarantees that all our products reflect our designs and meet our company’s stringent quality criteria. Our offshore operations are fully integrated to mirror the efficient systems that are employed in the  operation.

  • Quality controllers check fabrics that have been sourced by the company’s manufacturers, assisting with implementing designs into the production process and review of finished products.
  • Advanced IT systems allow for consistent, detailed and timely updates to all our offices.

Factory audits are a crucial part of effective quality control in the textile industry. We can assess factories in China and across regions of Greater Asia on your behalf to ensure that your choice of manufacturing partner will deliver products in line with your vision, quality standards, and social and ethical expectations to meet your internal policies and the demands of your customers.

Testing Facilities

Rigorous testing is an essential aspect of laboratory quality control and improving your internal efficiencies. Our laboratories, along with partner facilities in Greater Asia, are staffed with university qualified textile technicians knowledgeable in all aspects of apparel and fabric testing, which is also known as softline testing.


We inspect all our facilities to ensure continued commitment to your policies and procedures. Our inspection team comes from a manufacturing and production background, are trained in auditing and have an intricate understanding of garment quality assurance.