Manufacturing FAQs

Our Products
Q: What type of products do you make?
A: Our core products are cut-and-sew knits such as t-shirts, hoodies, tank tops, underwear and babywear. We also produce sweaters and woven items.


Q: What are the characteristics of your products?
A: All of our products are made with environmentally and socially sustainable materials and processes. At the same time, we never compromise on quality, hand-feel, or design.


Q: What are your minimum order quantities?
A: Garment minimum: When placing a cut and sew order, minimums will be based on the style being ordered. Each style/fabric will have different minimums. The average minimum for a custom order will be between 300-1,000 pieces per style, 100-300 per size.
Fabrics minimum: 2000yds/order/color, accept small quantity with surcharge.


Q: What's the delivery window of your garments and fabrics?
A: We measure our turnaround time in days and weeks, not months. You will typically receive your garment sample 7-10 business days after placing your order, and your complete order 4 weeks after approving your sample. For fabrics, usually 6-8 weeks, will be faster if greidge is avaliable.


Q: What's your production capacity?
A: We can produce up to 800,000 pieces of garments and 30 tons of knitted fabrics per month for custom orders.


Q: Can you develop fabrics according to our request?
A: While we do not develop custom fabrics as a customer's initial order, Mecilla does develop fabrics for existing customers and our designer works with our customers to realize their vision.


Q: Can I order custom colors?
A: We can produce any style in virtually any color - all we need is a fabric swatch or Pantone™ swatch. You will typically receive your lab dip sample 1-2 weeks after placing your order, and your final production fabric 6 weeks after approving your sample. When ordering a custom color we require the customer to order in full lots and the customer is required to consume everything that is produced from the fabric. Mecilla will not store any custom fabric.

Our Processes and Raw Materials
Q: Are your organic products certified? By which institute? Can we get organic certificate for our products?
A: The organic raw materials we purchase all come along with a transaction certificate, which can prove that the product is certified by inspection institute. As for Mecilla, when we issue TC to our customers, we use Ecocert. We can provide organic certificate to our customers if they need.


Q: Where does the organic cotton come from?
A: At the moment, our organic cotton comes from certified sources in China, India as well as Turkey. In an effort to increase the traceability of our raw materials, Mecilla is increasing the sourcing proportion from our partner agri-partner operating organic and organic-in-conversion cotton as well as crop agricultural production programs in China, Tajikistan and India.


Q: How are your dyes and dyeing processes?
A: All our dyes come from reputable international companis such as Huntsman. Our dyeing processes are all certified to OEKO TEX 100 standards. A few select suppliers are certified to OE and GOTS standards. 

Q: Where are the fabrics and T-shirts themselves actually produced and under what conditions?
A: Most of our products are cut and sewn in our facilities in Guangdong, Fujian and India. We also operate our partner knitting factory in the nearby Guangdong. We do offer some products made from specialty fabrics which are purchased in the market. 


Q: Where are the materials sourced from? 
A: We source from with certified mills in China. On occasions, we also source from other the market for items we cannot do in-house.  

Our Printing
Q: How are your printing capabilities?
A: Our direct-to-garment digital printing offers the softest handfeel even on dark-colored fabrics. We are popular amongst high fashion designers as well as crowd-sourcing technology companies. Our printing is fast, print-on-demand, as well as environmentally responsible. Mecilla offers OEKO-Tex certified screen printing services too via a long-term screen printer partnership.

Q: What are your inks made from?
A: The ink has been approved by GOTS and Nike Lab as being environmental to the highest standards. Please rrefer to digital printing certificates. 

Our Company
Q: What is "sweatshop free"?
A: Mecilla factories are located in China and India and are Sweatshop-Free, meaning our workers earn fair wages. We insist on knowing the faces of our workers.
Mecilla garment workers and printing operators are the backbone of our business, so we treat our people well. Mecilla's factories are certified GOTS, and our counterparts are in strict compliance with National Regulations. 


Q: Where are Mecilla products made?
A: Most of our products are cut, and sewn in our facilities in China and India. We also operate our partner knitting factory in the nearby Guangdong. We do offer some products made from specialty fabrics which are purchased in the market. They still come from certified sources.