Mecilla is pleased to offer our fully integrated Tshirt Fulfillment services. Once your garments have been printed by our specialists, your order can be packed with your own branded materials and shipped to your customer the very same day. Mecilla’s integrated e-commerce solutions offer online businesses a complete one-stop-shop e-fulfilment service, including the storage of goods, through to printing, labelling, picking and packing and delivery arrangements for online orders.


Order receipt

Our robust IT systems and web based applications allows us to receive orders in many different methods.


Picking & Packing

Our picking and packing platforms are well equipped with all the necessary tools to deliver an efficient and quality driven packing process. The data input associated with the packing process ensures real time reporting and transparency of the order status for our customers.


Despatch Management

Products are assembled into the relevant holding areas pending on their method of distribution. All consignments are allocated a unique identity to aid traceability and delivery paperwork accompanies every shipment. 


Here’s how it works:

We’ll help you get set up with your eCommerce platform (It doesn’t even matter which one you use!) so that we’re receiving your order data as quickly as possible. Once we get the order, we’ll begin printing your order. Once finished, we’ll pack the order and ship it directly to your customer with whatever labeling and package inserts you’d like. We work with companies and organizations of all sizes, and can ship your products however you’d like. Whether you’d like to print and ship short runs on demand, or inventory a large amount of pieces and ship them as needed, we are equipped to handle it.


T-shirt Fulfillment Account includes:

On-demand T-shirt printing account

Custom packing slip with your logo

Ship direct to user on your behalf

Submit Orders by Email in Text, XLS, Flat File or CSV Format