China Textile Report:Mr Yeung Tong seminar sharing of'The problems facing and future of cotton supples'

The seminar hold by the Hong Kong Association of Textile Bleachers, Dyers, Printers and Finishers and sponsor by the International Cotton Association which was happened on Hong Kong Garment Industry Training Authority at 10-5-2013. This seminar was showing the latest information of textile industry to the professions and it deeply discuss the forecast of 2013/14 textile supple chain and the global sourcing retail latest information. In the seminar it introduce some information about sustainable development of Cotton cultivation and  Ecological Benefits. Over 124 guest from Textile, retail, Dyers and Brand enterprises joined.

Director of China of International Cotton Association, Karin Malmstrom said the low price manpower is not the key factor of  sustainable development, all parties need to be mutual coexistence to reach stronger suppler chain cooperation. In 2013, if the price of cotton can be more stable, the demand will keep strong, with no doubt there still have some variable factor, like the weather and Government policy etc.

Senior Vice President of Global Procurement of GAP INC, Mr,YU shared some latest model of procure strategy and the situation of global retail market. He mentioned, some in-house brand of GAP and sale channel were change their develop strategy from centralized purchasing to classification management procurement. This strategy can let the trading method into more long-lasting relationship, somehow it can identify the important partnership, it can let the trading become more flexible and effective.

The Chairperson of Mecilla Limited, Mr Tong shared some the opinion on cotton sustainable development and further organic cotton development. He emphasized that, nowadays only few of the protocol is about sustainable developments. Cotton cultivation is one of the framing process that can bring advantages to social, environment and business etc. 



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