Linen Spandex Mercerizing Jersey (Nature)

Linen Spandex Mercerizing Jersey (Nature)

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Material/材質: Linen Spandex Mercerizing Jersey MCL-0DD10010891 / 亞麻彈性纖維彈性絲光平紋布 MCL-0DD10010891

Content/內容: 97% Linen 3% Spandex / 97% 亞麻 3% 彈性纖維

Width/布寬: 145 cm

Weave/編織: Jersey, Knitted / 單面平紋, 針織

End use/布料用途: 
Blouses, Trousers, Dresses / 襯衫, 連衣裙

Country Of Origin/原產地:

Care Instructions/保養說明: 

Bulk MOQ/批量最小起訂量: 300 KG/COL

Sample lead time/布板交貨時間: 25 days

Bulk lead time/批量交貨時間: 
35 days

Surcharge(for orders below bulk MOQ)/附加費(訂單低於批量最小起訂量): HK$375.00


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